Artist Statement

  The boundaries and tension are the focus of Agne’s Stasiauskaite’s interrogation between the personal and the social, the internal and the external, using everyday situations and repetitions as her sources. The performative and installation works investigate the limits between private and public spaces, questioning notions of identity and what it means to be a human being in a globalized society. Equally, her work aims to investigate the position of art as a social mediator and form of communication. Sometimes process takes precedence over outcome, allowing the work to be shaped by the artist own actions, as well as those of others.
  Using different media in the seek for knowledge, gives Stasiauskaite opportunity to explore and adapt each piece to its closest harmony. Most of her work questions peoples identity and outline the ‘vicious circle’ which brings the individual back to existence within a frame, it seeks to penetrate every individual personality and tries to grasp how we feel, what space we are in, every day situation and how  it influences us. Private knowledge has becomes public through social media and the determination of public information. She addresses the fact that sometimes we have a warped view of what is real and what is this illusion of something we truly believe in. How does one navigate through spaces defined by others?


Curriculum Vitae

Born 1989, Lithuania
Lives and works in London, UK


2010-2013 University of East London- BA Fine Art
2009-2010 University of East London- Foundation Fine Art


Rainbow Nation Art & Design Festival
Free Range, Truman Brewery, London
99 Mount Gallery, London
UEL Degree Show, University of East London
Horse Meet (Auction), Cock ‘n’ Bull Gallery, London
To Each Their Own, RichMix, London

Seek&Hide, Studio Sienko Gallery, London
UEL 2nd year Fine Art Show, University of East London
Film Stills (Auction), Ground Floor Left Gallery, London
T.B.A, Trinity Buoy Wharf, London
Animal House: Cephalopod Saloon, London

Proto Exposure, Trinity Buoy Wharf, London
UEL 1St year Fine Art Show, University of East London


‘Galleries’ magazine January 2013 issue

‘Grace of London’ catalogue 2013

‘Free Range’ 2013

UEL BA Fine Art Degree show catalogue 2013

Animal House